Oaklawn Hospital has worked with Tim Donohue, of Donohue & Associates, since June 2011 for several of our medical provider needs. For our smaller community hospital, it is important that we have a mutual understanding and expectation of our needs, and Donohue & Associates has been very in-tune to our requirements. Tim understands our working style and is more than happy to work as quickly, or slowly, as we want. He understands our specific position parameters, asks appropriate questions, and recognizes what type of candidates we need to fill our positions. Because we especially rely on our recruiters to qualify and prioritize candidates before presentation to us, I especially appreciate Tim’s brief, yet thorough, overview of each candidate for which he would like to present. In his pleasant and very up-beat personality, Tim is always more than willing to help with whatever we may need (facilitate phone interviews, on-site visit, and more) and also understands how sometimes plans can change along the way. We are always open to his comments and suggestions; however, should a new direction become necessary, he is always supportive and immediately re-directs his recruitment efforts. We look forward in continuing to do business with Tim and his staff into the future.

I had an excellent experience with OBGYN Search. They were always very kind to me and professional and helped me in a difficult moment in my career. They helped me find a great position with fantastic people, which turned out to be the most wonderful opportunity for me, which I am so thankful for. They were very patient and had many different types of opportunities and links, and thus I think they could be helpful to anyone. Also they have shown themselves to be very skillful in recruiting the right person for practices. I would recommend them highly to anyone.